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Electric baby nasal aspirator vacuum sucker nose mucus snot ckeaner


1. When using, first compress the plastic pump, insert the nasal suction device into the baby's nostrils, and then relax the rubber pump to suck out the nasal mucus. It is recommended that you use it after the baby is asleep.

2. The parts can be disassembled, making cleaning easier. All parts can be disassembled and cleaned, it is easy to clean.

3. This product is made of high quality silicone and polypropylene material, it is durable and has a long service time.

4.With the small size and light weight, this product is easy for you to carry, it is portable.

5. Designed according to ergonomics, the arc is curved to fit the nostril. Open-air valve design enhances suction, which has stronger suction and better sealing.

If your little one's nose is stuffy nose during this season and vapors aren't giving you the results you want then you need the Game Changing Nasal Aspirator:


The machine body should not be washed, do not put the body in the water to clean.

Instructions for use:
1. Before use, soak the nozzle in hot salt water for 10 minutes, then disinfect.
2. Install the nasal aspirator and turn the switch on to activate.
3. If the nasal cavity is dry, spray it into the nostrils with saline or nasal spray. The nasal spray should be exposed to the nasal cavity for 4 to 5 minutes.

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